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Hello friends, welcome to your article, you friends will know that there are many benefits of Windows Spotlight Quiz, if you participate in this quiz, you can increase your intelligence and brain power.


know that whait is Windows spotlight quiz

Have you noticed the lock screen of your Windows 10, when you login on windows 10, you get to see different types of wallpapers, along with some questions, all these questions come from the Windows Spotlight quiz.

What is windows spotlight quiz or windows spotlight quizzes.

Let me tell you that Windows Spotlight Quiz is a new feature that is included by Microsoft in Windows 10 by default.

the feature is that by downloading different images and ads through the search engine of Windows Spotlight Bing, our Windows 10 screen However.

this feature was invented by Microsoft in the year 2017, since then, many changes have been seen in this feature, earlier Microsoft used to show pictures and advertisements but nowadays it shows questions etc. .

tell you Give that this quiz consists mainly of three to five questions, while with every question you are also given an option, in the quiz, three questions are given for every question.

After selecting the answer process, you can check your answers and get the results according to your ability, if you succeed in answering all the questions correctly, then you are also rewarded with a reward.

Quiz should not always be viewed from the point of view of entertainment.if noticed, the quiz increases our brain’s thinking power and it also tells a lot about our personality.

You can get Microsofts Rewards by participating in this quiz,
First of all you will have to bring points, for this you have to remove registration on Microsoft Account.  the special thing is that you can also invite your friends to participate in the contest through social media like Facebook, Twitter.

Question number one : How can I participate in the Windows spotlight quiz.


You must have also asked the question that how to participate in this, I tell you, it is quite easy to participate in the quiz, I will tell you step by step, what to do to participate in the Windows spotlight quiz, so let’s go Lets start

  • Step number one: – First of all, you have to click on the button “Take the Quiz” with the help of lock screen app.
  • Step number two: – Now login to your computer systems if in case you have safety sign up.
  • Step number three: – After doing this, Microsoft Edge will automatically open on your computer screen and you will be redirected to the quiz page.
  • After all you can take the quiz
  • Step number four: – Now you have to answer the questions given on the screen.
  • Step number five: – After answering the questions correctly, you can get award points.

This way you can participate in the Windows Spotlight quiz very easily, this is the simple and easy way I told you.

Just like I said in the above paragraphs, if you give the correct answer to the questions, you will get rewards points, these points we call Microsoft Rewards Points,

Question number two: – What to do to get the award from Windows Spotlight quiz.

You must have also asked this question, so let’s say, to get the award, you have to first create your account, after getting all right reply of the quiz, the factors will preserve in your Microsoft account.

Sadly the rewards solely accessible within the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Republic of Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong SAR, Japan , Mexico, and Taiwan.

Question number three: – How can I redeem Microsoft Points?

The best feature of Microsoft Points Point is that you can redeem it in an easy way, if you want, you can also buy from these points in Microsoft Shop, you’ll be able to redeem your factors to purchase Xbox Gift Card, Pass, and far more, let you know that you can even redeem your factors to a Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards, Starbucks, Hulu, Burger King, and even Walmart Gift Card.

windows spotlight quiz questions.

Here I am showing you some important questions, read the article below to see the question.

Here we’re exhibiting you few questions of Windows Spotlight Quiz so you may get thought what sort of quiz it and you may as well put together

their reply simply to get good marks in quiz.

  1. Loch Assynt is through which nation?
  2. What’s an ungulate?
  3. Where will you discover Banff
  4. This bear in Spain is named what? (you’re going to get bear picture to guess)
  5. Why does grass cowl the roof?
  6. Can you ID this breed (will present horse picture)?
  7. La Mancha plateau is the place
  8. Guess what these rocks are known as
  9. Can you ID this hen (will present hen picture)?
windows spotlight quiz answers.

I hope you must have liked our article Windows Spotlight quiz, in this article I have told you what is Windows Spotlight quiz, how to play Windows Spotlight quiz, etc. If you know the answers to the above questions Please answer in the section.




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