Ok full form : What is the meaning of Ok

At present, the word OK is very popular, people often use this word in conversation, but most people do not know what is the full form of OK.

Ok word is related to Greek language, there is a word in Greek which is called Olla Kalla, it actually means All Correct. The meaning of OK also comes out of this, the full form of OK is Olla Kalla or All Correct.

Ok full form

In the olden times (circa No. 1838-39) people used to have many errors in writing English, due to which people used to write OK’s full form OLL KORRECT and its trend also started increasing whereas in fact OK’s full The form was ALL CORRECT rather than OLL KORRECT .

Origin of the word ok

The term OK was originated many years ago, universally, the term OK was invented in the US in the 19th century, with people believing it to be due to incorrect writing style and misreading, while The main thing is that at that time people used to change the words in a funny manner and were written and written, there was a lot of prevalence of humor and satire through words.


Who was the first to use the word OK.

You have come to know that the word OK has its origins in funny humor, but do you know who was the first to use the word OK for fun, let me tell you by Charles goldon greene In 1939, the term was best used in the office of Charles goldon greene while joking. In 1939, the word OLL KORRECT was first used by him.

The full form of OK was all correct while it was popularly written as OLL KORRECT, in this way the word OK slowly started spreading rapidly in America, after America the word became famous all over the world and started its circulation everywhere. done.


According to Wikipedia, the full form of OK is slightly different

Let me tell you that according to Wikipedia, the full form of OK is a little different. Yes, according to Wikipedia, the word OK is a shortened form of OLE KURRECK, nowadays, a little change in the spelling of OK is being used frequently.

Instead of writing OK, people use OKKAY or OKKEY especially this changed form has been used in social social media like Facebook, Whatsapp and even subtitles of movies.


There are other forms of OK, let’s know them.

Other forms of OK are also considered full forms and are also used such as

  • All Clear
  • Okay
  • Objection killed
  • All Correct
  • Objection Knock

The term OK is used to give responses to various conversations.

The term OK is used to approve someone
Like for example –
Monu tells Sonu – can I read your English Grummer book for a while
Sonu tells Monu: – Ok you can read my book

In the sentence here, Sonu has allowed Monu to read the book of his englsih by using the word OK.

To tell someone about your situation.

For example

  • Rahul tells Somu: How are you
  • Somu replies: – ok  I’m good


The word OK can also be used to give a statement or command to someone

for example

  • You don’t bother me ok
  • Don’t talk to unknown people ok
  • You do your homework on time ok

In these sentences, the word OK is used to give a statement or command to someone

OK is also used in saying goodbye to someone


  • Ok bye see you tomorrow
  • Ok i will go


Defination of Ok

OK is an English language word that when used in common parlance, acceptance, approval, consent etc. are displayed.

  • OK full form :- olla kalla or Oll Korrect
  • Ok meaning :- Ok can have many meanings but in Hindi it means “okay”

ok full form in chating

This is a simple word that people use in addition to their conversation through chatting on social media when they agree on the next one.


what ok full form

In such a sentence, OK is used to question another’s consent.

In this article, we have told you what is the full form of OK, when and where did it originate, when was it first used and said, Hope you have liked our article OK full form.













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